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(Full Album) Sola Allyson – Isodotun [Free Mp3 download]


(Full Album) Isodotun by Sola Allyson free mp3 download has been the hit album ever since it was released.

Popular Nigerian Gospel Music Minister named Sola Allyson has stated the year 2021 with storm as she delivers a new album in which she titles it “Isodotun”.

Below are the songs and links to download them for free.Enjoy!

  1. Sola Allyson – Iye >> DOWNLOAD MP3
  2. Sola Allyson – Isin >> DOWNLOAD MP3
  3. Sola Allyson – Ilekun >> DOWNLOAD MP3
  4. Sola Allyson – Ijoba A Re De >> DOWLOAD MP3
  5. Sola Allyson – Ko S’ohun T’oLe >> DOWNLOAD MP3
  6. Sola Allyson – Agbonmagbe >> DOWNLOAD MP3
  7. Sola Allyson – Imole >> DOWNLOAD MP3
  8. Sola Allyson – Imole II (acoustics) >> DOWNLOAD MP3
  9. Sola Allyson – Ife A D’ale >> DOWNLOAD MP3

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