The Good Of God Is Relative – Scriptures & Key Points

The Good Of God Is Relative

I saw this scripture . I was amazed .

Psalms 84:11
[11]For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

Please check your bible you’ll notice that the word “thing” is slanted , when a word is slanted like this ,it means it was not captured in the original rendition . It wasn’t there in the bible before it was translated and transliterated . So read it without the “thing” there . You’ll discover that the promise is not that God will not withhold good things as is written there , rather his commitment is to not withhold every “good” from those that walk upright . That means he’s the one that determines what’s “good” for each of us.
And we can only discover the “good will of God” when we transform our minds. Romans 12:2 . That means :

  1. An untransformed mind can’t know what is God’s good for him/her .
  2. We can only discover God’s good when we study the word .

Also God’s good is relative , that’s why he beckons on us to walk with him on a personal level ,and not congregationally , because if you Walk with God on a congregational level you’ll miss a lot of things he has for you , because on that level ,there’s also God’s good , but more importantly there’s the good he wants to reveal to you.

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