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Joe Eze, a recording artist and musician from Nigeria who resides in the Netherlands and performs evangelical music, has finally released his highly anticipated single, Best Thing.

The song “Best Thing” is an expression of gratitude to the Most High God for who He is and for His constancy to people.

A song that exalts God as the one and only True God, deserving of all praise and adoration.

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You are the best thing that has happened to me, X4

You never kn—–ow
They will never kn–ow,
What Go———–d has done for me!!!

You never kn—ow
The will never know ——oh oh
What Go——d has done for me !!!!

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You never kn—–ow
You will never kn—–ow
All the many many things that God has done for m——-e!!!!!

You never kn—ow!!!!
You will never kn———ow
All the many iiiii many iiiii things God has done for me yah yah iiiiiii

You are the best thing that has happen to me

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