After Sonnie Badu’s “Baba Oh” was played next to the corpse, a dead girl comes back to life.

As a result of Sonnie Badu’s “Baba Oh,” which brings a body back to life after being proclaimed dead by the physicians, the entire nation of Ghana is filled with praise and thankfulness.

The child’s mother said that her daughter had been under hot water for more than five minutes without anyone noticing.

When she was discovered, she was sent to the hospital right away, where she was instructed to complete paperwork confirming the death of her daughter because there was nothing they could do about the circumstance.

The deceased’s mother said:

I was saddened by the incident, but I kept my faith and believed that my daughter will receive life again, so I picked up my phone and began to play “Baba Oh” by Sonnie Badu.

“I placed my phone beside my dead daughter with ‘[the song] on repeat, at that time my eyes were closed and I saw myself in some deserted place, praying and crying while I held unto my dead baby.

“After 30 minutes of playing the song, I felt rain pouring on me with a thunderstorm, then I saw someone shake me, when I opened my eye I saw my baby crying and then I shouted for the Doctors.”

Grace, the baby’s mother, has thanked God for sparing her daughter and Sonnie Badu for making her life better with his song “Baba Oh.”

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