Christians criticize President Joe Biden for his Christmas message

Christians all throughout the country have attacked President Joe Biden for failing to mention the name of Jesus in his Christmas greeting.
The president who gave the speech alluded to Jesus as someone who kids think is the son of God and said it has a broad significance.

”Yes, even after 2,000 years, Christmas still has the power to lift us up, to bring us together, to change lives, to change the world. The Christmas story is at the heart of the Christian faith. But the message of hope, love, peace, and joy, they’re also universal,” Biden said. “It speaks to all of us, whether we’re Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other faith, or no faith at all. It speaks to all of us as human beings who are here on this Earth to care for one another, to look out for one another, to love one another.”

Biden also discussed the political environment at the time by saying;

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politics has gotten so angry, so mean, so partisan and too often we see each other as enemies, not as neighbors; as Democrats or Republicans, not as fellow Americans.

“So, my hope this Christmas season is that we take a few moments of quiet reflection and find that stillness in the heart of Christmas and really look at each other, not as Democrats or Republicans, not as members of team red or team blue, but as who we really are fellow Americans.”

Reacting to the message was Todd Starnes, a Christian commentator. He said;

President Biden failed to mention the name of Jesus during his Christmas message to the nation. He mentioned the Muslims, but he failed to name the Reason for the Season. Nothing triggers the Left like the name above all names.”

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