What Made Neymar wear Headband for Christ at Rio 2016?

At the Olympics in Rio 2016, Brazil defeated Germany in a penalty shootout to win the Gold medal. Neymar scored the game-winning goal, breaking down in tears and falling to his knees in celebration.

However, there was another appeal besides Neymar’s jubilant or happy tears. He was jubilant, his “100% Jesus” headband clearly visible.

The football player has worn the headband for a very long time; in fact, it dates back to his early years.

As a youngster, Neymar attended church in Sao Vincent and had a headband that proclaimed “100% Jesus.” Some claim that the headband narrative has something to do with his football team when he was still playing at home. It was claimed that Neymar wore the headband as a sign of gratitude to God for supplying his home club at the time with a football field through a miracle.

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After his old team Santos won the Sao Paulo State Championship in 2012, Neymar wore the headband and ran around the field. In addition, he celebrated the 2015 Champions League wearing a white headband that read “100% Jesus.”

Whatever the reason, Neymar delivered a clear statement of intent to the millions of viewers watching on television as well as the thousands of people in the stadium, despite the fact that the childhood anecdote could not be confirmed. Neymar must take part in his festivities since Jesus is the focus of his life.

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