Biography of Prophet EJ Newton, Wikipedia, His Ministry, Family, and His net worth

Biography of Prophet EJ Newton, his Wikipedia, his ministry, his wife, and his net worth
Biography of Prophet EJ Newton, his Wikipedia, his ministry, his wife, and his net worth

Biography of Prophet EJ Newton, Wikipedia, His Ministry, Family, and His net worth.

The Prophet EJ is without flaw. Previously known by the name Jay Newton, Prophet, Father, Son, Brother, Producer, Songwriter, and Psalmist is the founder and senior pastor of Grace Grace Miami Church. He also has the titles of Father, Son, and Brother. In November of 2022, the church was established by an enthusiastic young pastor.

The Origins of the Great Grace Church in Miami

At the church gathering that Prophet Lovy was hosting for Revelation Night Miami, both he and his brother made the announcement. Because there were more than 5,000 people there, the event that Revelation Church LA and Prophet Lovy hosted was a resounding success and was completely booked. In addition, Prophet EJ Newton was present at the event. During the course of the ceremony, Prophet Lovy made the announcement that Prophet EJ Newton’s Great Grace Church in Miami would henceforth be known as Prophet EJ Newton’s Church. Before the congregation moved permanently to their new location at 9823 NE Fourth Ave., Miami Shores, Florida 33138, United States, this was the last announcement that Prophet EJ Newton would make.

The roar of applause from the audience and the palpable feeling of elation that permeated the entire scene were proof that this was such a significant occasion. The Great Grace Church in Miami, Florida, has now officially opened its doors to the community.

Jay Newton is the stage name of Prophet EJ Newton, who was born in Nigeria but now resides in the United States. He is a singer-songwriter, producer, writer, psalmist, and minister.

In one of the interviews that he gave, he mentioned that the Great Grace Church is located in Miami, Florida. The Lord Jesus Christ and a sincere desire to see as many people’s souls as possible saved are the primary motivating factors. We are cultivating people who are full of love, power, grace, and the fire of God at Great Grace. When I stand before God, I want to be praised for the fact that I was responsible for the salvation of millions upon billions of souls.

Where is the Church of Prophet E.J. Newton?

3100 Northwest Fifth Avenue, Miami, Florida The authorized website of Prophet EJ Newton The Wonderful Grace Church is in Miami. The address is 3100 NW 5th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33127. Sunday morning at 10:30 and Tuesday evening at 7:30.

Age of the Prophet EJ Newton

Prophet EJ Newton is between the ages of 30 and 31 during this time. 

The Net Worth of the Prophet E.J. Newton

As of 2022, it is anticipated that Prophet EJ Newton has a net worth of around $200,000.

Prophet EJ Newton Parents

Although we do not know the mother’s full name, we do have a picture of her that her son, Prophet EJ Newton, posted on his social media profile.

The Social Media of the Prophet EJ Newton

The following are some of the social media venues where Prophet EJ Newton can be found:

Follow me on Instagram at @ejaynewton.

Follow me on Twitter: @ejaynewton.

Facebook: Prophet EJ Newton (@ProphetEJNewton)

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