Nigerian Gospel Singer Who Married Foreign Ladies

In recent weeks, there has been a surge of excitement on social media as several male gospel singers have taken to introducing their significant others to the public eye.

Theophilus Sunday caused quite a stir across various online platforms when he announced his engagement to Ashlee White, a Jamaican lady. This revelation came as a shock to many fans, particularly amidst the lingering buzz surrounding the recent wedding of another prominent gospel singer, Moses Bliss, and his Ghanaian wife, Marie Wiseborn.

This growing trend of Nigerian gospel singers forming relationships with individuals from different nationalities is becoming increasingly evident. Moses Bliss, for instance, garnered overwhelming reactions on social media in January 2024 when he revealed his engagement to Marie Wiseborn, a Ghanaian UK-trained lawyer. While some questioned Bliss’ decision to look beyond Nigerian ladies for his partner, others extended their heartfelt congratulations. The couple proceeded to tie the knot just a month after making their relationship public.

Similarly, Theophilus Sunday’s announcement of his engagement to Ashlee White prompted mixed reactions from fans. Some took to social media to express their excitement and admiration for the couple, while others were surprised by Sunday’s choice, noting its similarity to Moses Bliss’ relationship path.

Notably, Tim Godfrey also joined the ranks of gospel singers embracing international love when he announced his engagement to Erica, an American, in April 2022. Their subsequent marriage just a few weeks later further exemplified this trend of Nigerian gospel artists expanding their romantic horizons beyond national borders.

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