On Good Friday, a man is crucified with actual nails while portraying Jesus for the 35th time.

On Good Friday, Ruben Enaje, a sign painter and carpenter from the Philippine province of Pampanga, consented to be crucified for the 35th time.

He made the decision to carry out this contentious deed this year in order to promote peace in the Gaza Strip, Ukraine, and other conflict areas worldwide, according to the AP.

In the Philippines, the custom of crucifixion on Good Friday has a lengthy history. It all began when a local dramatist penned a play about Jesus’ last days in the 1950s. This play’s performance resulted in the first crucifixion in 1962, which eventually became a yearly event drawing pilgrims and believers alike.

Ten penitents in the town of San Pedro Cutud this year consented to be crucified. There were about one hundred people there for this occasion.

Enaje thought about stopping this practice, but in spite of his senior age, he chose to carry on. He was driven by the urge to please the people who had begged him to pray for the sickly and impoverished. Enaje came to the conclusion that prayer is more important than ever in light of the ongoing conflicts and wars throughout the globe.

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Enaje’s involvement in the ceremony started because of a childhood miracle he had: he landed on the top of a three-story home without getting hurt. His commitment was reinforced as his loved ones made full recoveries from life-threatening illnesses.

Passion rituals have been done for decades in the Philippines, despite opposition from church leaders who emphasize that Filipinos may show their devotion and piety without endangering themselves. Church officials advise against self-flagellation and instead recommend charitable activities or blood donation for the ill.

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